Year-round Competitive Swimming

Aspire Aquatics will be coaching athletes from the age of 6 to 18+ on our year-round competitive swim team. We also encourage swimmer athletes home from college break during the summer and winter break to join the team. Our 2022-2023 swim season begins Monday September 12 and runs through late July / early August 2023. The year-round swim season consists of:

  • Short Course (25yd competition pool) which runs Sept - early March

  • Long Course (50m competition pool) which runs April - late July / early August

Swimmers are organized into training groups based on age and, under coaches discretion, ability. Coach Karen will design the practice schedule to optimize the training program for the incoming swim team roster. Swimmers commit to attending their practice group requirements, one meet a month, and all Championships for which they qualify.

Family Annual Membership fee is $400. New in 2022-2023, families will now register directly with USA Swim to pay the annual USA Swim membership fee (typically around $80); this is required for all USA Swim athletes for liability and insurance coverage.  In addition, the 2022-2023 Aspire Aquatics Monthly fee varies for each practice group. Other swim team costs include purchase of team gear and meet attendance.

For details of each Practice Group,click here.