Meets and Events

The 2022-2023 Meet Schedule supports the healthy growth and competitive performance of our swimmers. Swimmers are asked to attend one swim meet a month.  Meet and Event registration can be found HERE.

The coaching staff will assemble the 2022-2023 meet schedule to allow the swimmer:

  • proper physical and mental rest in between team meets
  • promote excitement and positive team experience
  • provide enough elapse time to showcase incremental performance improvements

Aspire Aquatics athletes will enjoy attending many of the popular meets and invitations they are familiar with that are offered throughout the State of Colorado. Aspire is also excited to participate in out-of-state meets for athletes to develop self-reliance and experience swimming at different altitudes, environments, and with a new set of swimmers.  Coach Karen has a network of other excellent year-round coaches and competitive programs across the country and is happy to support out-of-state meets.  

Athletes will attend regular season meets with the goal of qualifying for and representing Aspire at the following Championship level meets:

Short Course (Season Sept 2022- March 2023):

  • Mighty Mini Meet (age 8&Under)
  • CSI Silver State 
  • CSI Age Group State
  • CSI Senior State
  • CSI All Stars
  • Sectionals

Long Course (Season April 2022- Aug 2023):

  • CSI Age Group State
  • CSI Senior State
  • Senior Zones
  • Western Zones
  • Sectionals

Swimmers who qualify for Sectionals, Junior Nationals, Senior Nationals, and other higher end qualification meets are fully supported by Aspire Aquatics coaches and will travel to those meets.