About Us

Aspire Aquatics seeks to combine the competitive nature and technical discipline of year-round swimming with the enjoyable team and community spirit offered by other competitive swim environments (i.e summer clubs, high school programs, etc). These elements combined lift our young athletes to aspire towards well-rounded physical, mental and personal excellence in their sport, and more broadly in life.

Emphasis will be on providing technical instruction in a supportive, respectful, and community-minded environment. Coach Karen's expertise and strategies will be applied to all practice groups to create a top-down and unified coaching philosophy across the coaching staff. Coach Karen will have a presence on deck with all practice groups.

In addition to swim performance excellence, Aspire Aquatics will promote:

For the Athlete:

  • well-balanced development in performance, mental health, mind set, and nutrition education
  • respectful and growth-minded deck experience
  • strategic use of skill-sharpening practice equipment and race techniques
  • reasonable coach to swimmers ratio
  • growth in sportsmanship and team camaraderie
  • a legacy of giving from older to younger athletes
  • leadership and character development
  • high school and collegiate swim readiness education

For the Family:

  • frequent parent communication
  • involvement opportunities to lift swimmers to aspire
  • shared community-building experiences that create lifetime bonds